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America Speaks: The Documentary

News: Watch the Fox 26 interview about America speaks here.

My name is Devereaux Macy and up until six months ago I had never held a camcorder or knew anything about making a documentary. Because my own voice was never heard I felt it was my mission in life to give the American people the opportunity to have their voices heard. So I put everything I owned in storage, and on my own time, and using my own money, I drove 13,100 miles across 48 states asking Americans of every age, race and gender, five questions: What are your biggest concerns regarding the environment, education, economy, healthcare and the war in Iraq. The opinions expressed regarding the survey is captured in the documentary called “America Speaks”.
Below is just one of thousands of interviews conducted in the making of the documentary.

The inspiration for “America Speaks” was to give a voice to the American people and allow them to express their opinions on the issues that are important to them and which impact their lives. Equally, important was to have those voices heard by “the powers that be”, our government servants. We elect, and pay them, for their positions of power and with that power comes an obligation, duty, and responsibility to represent us, and our best interests, first and foremost, and without exception. It’s their job, however, for a very long time the voices of the American people have been ignored by the very ones we elected to serve us. A copy of “America Speaks” was sent to every member of Congress, the 50 governors, the top Presidential Candidates, and the President, so our voices could no longer be ignored.

Ask yourself the following questions: As an American, shouldn’t we have the right to clean air and clean water, and to preserve the earth not just for our grandchildren, but their grandchildren, and for all the generations to come? As an American, shouldn’t we be entitled to a quality education so we can contribute to the world, without drowning in debt? As an American, shouldn’t we have the right to live the American dream, without worrying if we can pay our bills, that we might lose our homes, or our jobs? As an American, shouldn’t we have a right to free health care, instead of suffering in silence and dying without it? And as an American, shouldn’t we have the right to live in a nation and world of peace, or at least have a say in losing it?

This is our country, and our forefathers lived and died to ensure that we and generations to come would have a government OF the People, BY the People and FOR the People. It is our duty, obligation, and responsibility as Americans, and to ourselves, our children, and their children, that we preserve that right for all mankind.

We the people of the United States of America have the power to change the direction of this country, and it is in our voices, so let them be heard. One person can make a difference, but together and united we can change the world.

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