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About the Filmmaker

When someone asks you to sum up the totality of your life, most people hand you a sheet of paper which is titled “Resume”. It is filled with what schools you graduated from, what awards you won, what jobs you had, what titles you held, a list of your skills and achievements. But in the end, those are just words on a piece of paper, and doesn’t tell you anything about the person.

So, I won’t bore you with the details, but instead tell you about myself, my dreams, and my life lessons. I came from what society labels a broken home and poverty. A place where dreams do not exist, and expectations are low.

I never graduated from high school, it’s not something I am proud of, but for me I would rather learn by doing, then reading about how you should do it, from someone who has never done it. Reading a book about building a business from the ground up is not the same thing as being able to take that information, apply it to real life situations, and make it a reality. Most people get caught up in what I call the “thinking” stage and by the time they have “thought it all out”, they have not only talked themselves out of it, but given up any possibility they could have achieved it, let alone it, been successful.

Everything I have ever accomplished in my life I did so, by trusting my instinct, working hard, never giving up and believing I would accomplish the goals I set for myself. To me failure wasn’t an option, not that I didn’t failed a few times in my life, but success isn’t always measured by how much money you made. The good thing about failure is that it makes you work harder, you try never to repeat the same mistake, and savor the successes you do have. For me, the best lessons learned in life, are not learned by reading about them but from experiencing them. Not only didn’t, I have any background, education, or experience in any of the businesses, dreams or goals I accomplished, but no one believed I could do it either.

For me, courage, faith and determination takes you further than any anything else can or will. You just have to dream, believe it is possible, and never, never, give up. The people who say you can’t do it, are the people too afraid of failing, to dream of the possibilities, let alone even try. Show me someone who has never failed, and I will show you someone, who has never taken the risk to even try.

We are given one life, yet many opportunities to grow, learn, experience and give. Live your life by embracing the past, and live your life without regrets. Don’t wait for the time or money to fulfill your dreams, no one is promised tomorrow.